Commodity: Fluorspar

Premier is exploring a 1,350-hectare area (9 Mineral Claim Blocks) centred on the dormant Tinde Fluorspar Mine, located in the northeast corner of the Kamativi Basement Complex Inlier and overlain to the north by gently north-dipping Karoo sediments. The mine reportedly produced 1,360 tonnes of fluorspar.

The Basement complex hosts numerous mineralised vein systems, ranging from short, close spaced swarms to long, thin sinuous bodies up to 8 kilometres in length. The project site has been the subject of historical exploration. In 1970, Messina Rhodesia Ltd (MRD) estimated a non-compliant SAMREC conceptual Exploration Target for Vein 1 as: 54,000 tonnes comprising 34,000 tonnes of 33.3% CaF2 and 20,000 tonnes of 25-33.3% CaF2 at a depth of 15 metres.

Preliminary flotation tests indicate that concentrates of up to 97.8% CaF2 are achievable. Premier intends to drill a fence line of shallow boreholes (1,000m drilling) to confirm the continuity with depth of the better grade veins and test the inter-vein areas.

Background to the Share Exchange and Information on Vortex
Since the formation of Circum in September 2011, Circum has invested significant funds in its development to bring the project to the stage where it is ready to be financed and constructed. Premier believes that there is significant global interest in fertilizer projects such as Circum, with recent announcements of substantial investments into fertilizer projects demonstrating the attractiveness of potash as an investment opportunity.