Commodity: Uranium

The Kara-Niamtougou Project comprises nine contiguous Exploration Permits granted for uranium and associated minerals.

Historical exploration undertaken in the 1970s included mapping, ground spectrometer traversing, trenching and pitting. Three priority targets were drilled: Sondage 1. Sondage 10-11 and Sondage 13. U3O8 content was discovered to be variable. Low-end averages stood at 0.14% U3O8 and maximum values reached 0.45% U3O8.

Previous workers established a non-SAMREC Compliant Exploration Target of 100 tonnes uranium metal.

Although further exploration is required to define the genetic model for the known mineralisation, there are indications of associations to both local and regional structures, lithology and alteration.

Through its exploration work, Premier has confirmed the nature and host lithology of the uranium mineralisation and has identified a 60km strike of anomalous aero-radiometric anomalies and associated structural controls.

Premier intends to drill test the two top priority targets at Sondage 1 and Siou with a combined total of 1,500m core drilling. Further work will be dependent on identifying sufficient potential mineralisation to warrant more extensive drill programmes.