RHA Tungsten Mine (“RHA”)

When will RHA achieve profitable production?

RHA should achieve profitable production in the latter part of Q4, 2017. Throughput from the underground is expected at not less than 6,000 tonnes per month and the plant is expected to be profitable at that rate without any additional ore from the underground mine.

Production from the underground mine will be scaled up incrementally to the targeted design rate, this is expected to be achieved during Q2 2018 which would generate a net positive cashflow of around US$547,000 per month on an EBITDA basis based on the anticipated ore grades, plant through-puts, recoveries as well as current APT price. The initial production target excludes any production from the open pit mine.

Zulu Lithium and Tantalum Project (“Zulu”)

What is the exploration target for the Zulu project?

The exploration target for the Main Zone is between 60-80 Million tonnes. The new zone discovered in the South East of the Main Zone has the potential to exceed this target. Furthermore, our technical team has discovered a number of outcropping pegmatites in our license area that have the potential to add further tonnes to our resource base.

Circum Minerals Limited (“Circum”)

What is Premier’s current interest in Circum?

Premier owns 5,010,333 million shares in Circum which at the last placement price of US$2 per share equates to a value of US$10.2 million.

TCT Industrais Florestais (“TCT IF”)

What is the rationale behind the proposed disposal of the TCT IF?

Since the acquisition of the interest in TCT in March 2016, the focus of the Group has changed and the Company wishes to focus on Its RHA tungsten project and Zulu lithium project. On 20 September, the Company entered into an agreement for the sale of its 52% interest in TCT IF with Amire Glory Limited.  Premier will retain a 50% interest in the new company (“NewCo”) that will hold the rights to the limestone deposit. The disposal of TCT IF is expected to be completed towards the end of October 2017.  

Casa Mining Limited (“Casa”)

Does Premier want to increase its stake in Casa Mining Limited?

Premier currently has a 4.5% interest in Casa. Casa has a 71.25% interest and is the operator of the Misisi Gold Project located in the South Kivu, eastern DRC. The Misisi project hosts the Akyanga gold deposit which currently has a resource of 1.5 million ounces with an exploration target of 3 million ounces. Premier is not considering increasing its stake in Casa.