Commodity: Tantalum-bearing pegmatites, gem quality tourmaline and aquamarine potential, exploration projects.

The Republic of Benin is a small West African country, bordered in the west by Togo, in the north by Burkina Faso and Niger, in the east by Nigeria and in the south by the Atlantic Ocean.

Our license area is close to the commune of Tchaourou and comprises of a 249.75 km² sized mineral exploration permit situated in the eastern part of the Collines Department in central Benin. The permit area is thinly populated; access from Benin's main north-south highway RNIE2 is given through a number of dirt roads which cross the property. The nearest major city with some 250,000 inhabitants is Parakou, 75 km to the north.

The area is mainly underlain by Proterozoic magmatic gneisses. Since the early 2000's, the region has intermittently seen artisanal mining activities for tantalum ore (tantalite or "coltan") and coloured gemstones such as tourmaline and blue beryl (aquamarine). The Ministry of Mines in Benin has recently stopped all artisanal mining activities in order to facilitate mineral exploration and industrial mining.

Our Specialty Mineral Exploration Project licence area covers numerous sites of artisanal mining and mineralised tantalum pegmatites that have been identified and sampled. At Gambou, the first fragments of near-gem quality aquamarines have been discovered. Better quality gem rough is expected at depth. The presence of other gemstones, e.g. topaz or chrysoberyl, are highly likely.

In the southern part of the concession some areas are underlain by surface / near surface manganese mineralisation of unknown extent and grade. This type of supergene enrichment mineralisation, called the Kooro Prospect, may have the potential to become an interesting target for a low cost open pit mining operation. Premier's 100% owned subsidiary G&B African Resources Benin SARL holds the rights over the Benin projects.