Commodity: Tungsten

The RHA Project is located in an area of historic production, approximately 270km northwest of Bulawayo. Premier has advanced the RHA project from an exploration project through to a producing tungsten mining operation.

The project comprises 50 Mineral Claim Blocks, covering 1,800 hectares, consisting of 10 owned by Premier and 40 which are under option. Small-scale surface and underground mining was conducted at the site between 1931 and 1979. Total production from the RHA and Tung Mines was 1,247.65 tonnes of wolframite concentrate, containing 65% WO3.

The deposit is approximately 800m in strike length and 300m wide. Premier African recently announced a resource of 22.14 million tonnes at 2.45kg per tonne in both the underground and open pit operations. (Please see resource table below)

To date, Premier African Minerals has invested around US$18million in the acquisition and development of the mine as well as the plant and necessary infrastructure.

The processing plant is a conventional gravity processing plant with a capacity of 40,000 tonnes per month. The plant is equipped with an XRT sorter to upgrade the feed to the plant and hence reduce the overall operating costs.

The plant produces a commercial tungsten concentrate (in excess of 60% W03) and the Company currently has an offtake agreement with Noble Resources.

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Table 1: Summary Mineral Resource

Category Gross Net attributable Operator
    Tonnes (millions) Grade (kg/t) Contained metal (kg) Tonnes (millions) Grade (kg/t) Contained metal (kg)  
Underground Mineral Resources


  0.022 3.59 78,665 0.022 3.59 78,665 Premier
Indicated   0.057 3.24 185,358 0.057 3.24 185,358
Inferred   1.188 4.32 5,132,301 1.188 4.32 5,132,301
Sub-Total   1.267 4.25 5,391,140 1,267,154 4.25 5,391,140  


Open Pit Mineral Resources
Measured - - - - - - Premier
Indicated 0.707 1.47 1,039,655 0.707 1.47 1,039,655
Inferred 20.17 2.37 47,841,458 20.175 2.37 47,841,458
Sub-Total 20.882 2.34 48,863,534 20.882 2.34 48,863,534



  1. Premier is the operator of the RHA Tungsten Project (“RHA”).
  2. Premier holds a 49 per cent. interest in RHA. RHA is indebted to Premier in excess of $18m and until such time as this is settled, all concentrate produced will be attributable to Premier.
  3. Mineral Resources which are not Mineral Reserves have no demonstrated economic viability.
  4. The effective date of the Mineral Resource is 27 November 2016.
  5. Mineral Resources for RHA have been classified according to SAMREC.
  6. The Mineral Resource Estimate is based on information compiled by the Company and reviewed by Mr Bruce Cumming (as described further below).
  7. Accessible from the main Bulawayo-Hwange tar road, RHA has good potential to be brought into production rapidly with a favourable stripping ratio